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List of First Exhibiting Artists to Participate at Code 2

At Code Art Fair’s second edition, Code2, a number of exciting artists will exhibit with their galleries. We are proud to announce a preliminary list of the first artists from around the world to participate at the fair. Code2 presents a number of international artists working across different media. Explore the preliminary list of artists here. The list of artists will be updated, as we are still accepting applications. Open for applications Code Art Fair is still accepting gallery applications. Read more and apply. (Top image: JPW3, “Ichibahn,” 2017. Represented by Nagel Draxler)

List of Galleries 2017

Code Art Fair is proud to announce the first 34 exhibitors for 2017.

Now open for applications

Code Art Fair is now welcoming gallery and artist applications for its ambitious 2017 edition in Bella Center Copenhagen, Code 2. Deadline for early bird application: April 4, 2017 Find out more and apply

Code Art Fair’s 2nd Edition – Five Things to Look Forward To

The second edition of the new Scandinavian international art fair, Code 2, returns to Bella Center from 31 August to 2 September 2017, with a special event day of performances held in the heart of Copenhagen on Sunday, 3 September 2017. Here are five noteworthy features of the upcoming fair.   New Curatorial Team Code 2 is curated by an international team consisting of Caroline Bøge, art advisor and former gallery director at Nils Stærk, and Saskia Draxler, co-owner of Nagel Draxler Gallery (founded 1990 as Galerie Christian Nagel), based in Berlin and Cologne, Germany. Irene Campolmi, PhD Fellow from Aarhus University/Louisiana, independent curator and researcher, will curate the 2017 Film, Talks, and Performance Program. Continuing Code’s mission to showcase exceptional art in Copenhagen, this year’s team will curate a selection contemporary art galleries from all over the world, presenting artworks by internationally established and emerging artists. Talks, Film and Performance Program Art ReActs is the title of the 2017 Code Art Fair Talks, Film and Performance Program. It explores how artistic and curatorial practice reacts to social, political, ecological and technological changes, creating new structures and reinventing the existing ones. By responding to the world’s changes creatively, art plays an active role, and conceives new languages to communicate and contexts to inhabit. The Film Program will consist in daily screenings projected in a large-scale movie theatre located at the fair. Sections of this program will be arranged and co-curated in collaboration with leading

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Venture into the retail business

Together with CIFF and northmodern, Art Copenhagen and Code Art Fair have opened a pop-up store in Harvey Nichols. Watch our video about the collaboration here!

Q&A with Asger Dybvad Larsen

The Relationship Between Art And The Artist.

Harvey Nichols x CIFF

Harvey Nichols and CIFF (CIFF/ Art Copenhagen - Code Art Fair/ northmodern) present ‘NORTH WIND’ a Scandinavian take over in Project 109

Thank you for 2016

Code Art Fair would like to thank both visitors, galleries and artists for contributing to the very first edition of the fair in the beautiful Bella Center Copenhagen. We’ll return in August 2017 with our second edition of the fair. Stay updated via Facebook and Instagram.