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Film, Talks & Performance Program 


For its 2017 edition, Code Art Fair will present an ambitious and extensive Film, Talks & Performance Program entitled Art ReActs. The program is curated by PhD Fellow and independent curator and researcher at Lousiana Museum of Modern Art, Irene Campolmi.

Art ReActs explores how artistic and curatorial practice reacts to social, political, ecological and technological changes, creating new structures and reinventing the existing ones. By responding to the world’s changes creatively, art plays an active role, and conceives new languages to communicate and contexts to inhabit. The Film Program will consist in daily screenings projected in a large-scale movie theatre located at the fair. Sections of this program will be arranged and co-curated in collaboration with leading local art museums and cultural institutions.

Art ReActs will also take place during Code on Sunday in the city center on September 3rd.

The full program will be released in July.


(Top Image: Performance by Christine Overvad Hansen & Lea Guldditte Hestelund at Code Art Fair, 2016)