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Special Exhibitions


On the Rise – Works from the Private Collections of Young Collectors


For the first time at Code Art Fair, visitors can get a rare glimpse into private Danish art collections of international contemporary art by emerging as well as established artists such as Peter Linde Busk, Tal R, Ethan Cook, Asger Dybvad Larsen, Graham Collins, Gregor Hildebrandt, Peppi Bottrop and Max Frintrop.

Curated by the digital art network Artland, the exhibition aims at showcasing young private art collections on the rise. The vision is to bring high quality contemporary art out of the private sphere and into the public space in order to share dedicated collectors’ passion for art with others.

The cooperation between Code and Artland is based on a shared wish to give everyone the possibility to engage with art by providing them with enriching artistic experiences. Code 2, the fair’s second edition, marks the first time that Code and Artland join forces.

About Artland

Artland is a social platform for art collectors whom are invited to share their private collections and connect with like-minded via the free app Artland. The vision is to open the doors to the world of art and connect art enthusiasts across the world. Artland app offers an exclusive insight into private art collections from new and established collectors, a quick and easy way to administrate one’s own collection, a comprehensive gallery guide, an archive with news and articles from the art scene, and a sales platform for collectors and galleries. In short: Artland brings all the functions you need in one place.



(Photo: Nana Hagel)